International Co. For Trading, Supplies & Doors, a leading company in importing, supplying & installing armored doors. Supplying commercial prices throughout Egypt.
The international company was established in 2013. In accordance with this short period, the international company succeeded in dealing with many Turkish and Chinese factories in the field of armored doors. Therefore, the company achieved many successes in this field and made many wonderful deals and continued with the best customers. This field has considered all the markets and the level of customers. We now have the best technicians with a high experience of the tasks of installation and maintenance.

The Quality:
We provide high quality products. With providing all special accessories for this product. Cut the accessories and replace them with the old damaged pieces and provide them immediately so that the product is as good as the previous quality.

We are quickly making the decision to promote the business process to achieve the marketing process in interaction with the low and high prices are not always direct and to provide the lowest and best prices to suit all our customers for each product individually.